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#60248 Otome "games" - Bullshit

Posted by aznkeo on 10 February 2010 - 01:57 AM

On the other hand, the otome game community is very closed. Many people post stuff with the note "DO NOT SHARE!" Which makes it feel elitist and doesn't let many people partake of it. Sometimes I get into things by hearing some music from a series, or seeing some art scans. Otome games are VERY hard to get a hold of sometimes, and there is no fan translated game out there (excluding yaoi). There are many started projects, none have finished. If you want an artbook, you have to join a forum, post a bunch and MAYBE someone has posted it... and if you can use that download link your pretty much screwed because people "can't be bothered" to upload it elsewhere. If you want a game... well.. if it's not popular... good luck. There's one game in particular I've been trying to get forever, but has no seeds and is out of print, and all the direct links are dead.

I already strongly agree with 69オン and Nao-Koki on this and many other points they've mentioned as well, but from what I'm getting from this statement, is that you're just complaining to all the people who play can otome games/buy merchandise themselves, to go and share their things on the internet...

And honestly what is wrong with people posting "DO NOT SHARE!"? That doesn't make them an elitist, I believe it should be up to the uploader's choice of whether or not they want it shared or not since honestly scanning/uploading is not a quick and easy thing to do for everyone. And as the person downloading it, you should respect the uploaders decision, since they're giving you a gift.

It seems you're saying the "Do not share" part is horrible since that means people can't re-upload it anywhere else so if that link dies off, you'll still be able to. Shouldn't you just ask the original uploader? That and it's simply not the end of the world if you can't get a game you want for free of the internet.

The fact that there are not MORE translation projects going on for popular titles. While it does take effort and know how to hack some games, it also shows devotion and interest. So maybe instead of saying, "Oh hey, let me translate the new Loli Moe Harem game for you!" maybe say "Why don't YOU come over HERE and help me hack this Bishie Harem game? You already have five bazillion of those already to choose from! In English!" You might even lie and tell them they are doing a favor for the entire female sex/species/race/kingdom/funny joke name.

First of all when it comes to translation projects, the most that can be somewhat "legally" done is PC games only. Since if you just have a group's translation patch and no game, well you can't do anything. So you could perfectly go out and buy the game, and have it translated. Whereas if you translate a DS game or any other system you have to hack directly into the game.

Honestly I'm really confused at what circles this topic is running as well.

You're complaining about how there isn't a certain genre that doesn't exist at all to your preference, how there are no companies translating them, how it's totally okay to pirate which hurts any companies that want to translate, telling fan translators to DO SOMETHING for translating/hacking otome games, and finally how you do not read Japanese and base it just off of anime/manga translations? (Also along with other points I have missed.)

So really, all I'm getting (from this later part in the discussion) is that you're complaining how no one is apparently doing anything for otome games so that you can play them, but wait - even if they do get translated are you just going to then complain how 'sexist' these types of games are with doormat heroines and the such?

I also wanted to add that the rape thing, it's perfectly understandable. However they keep putting it in, and not to mention some of the most "rapist" guys tend to sometimes be the most popular. It's just a preference that some women have and I won't deny that I honestly like some of those characters - rape scenes put aside, just like how you want to have a particular game you're own way.

#54569 Blogging

Posted by aznkeo on 08 August 2009 - 07:26 AM

Ak forgot to put up my LJ link, but I use LJ but mainly for fangirling purposes/cosplay/RL and well pretty much everything but otome games mainly haha. It's all friend's locked ><;; and I usually only keep friends who are active/actually post/use LJ


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