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Umm...still quite new to this site, but...I guess I can edit this thing a little more intelligently than when I first got here, maybe. (^^; )

Kiniro no Corda is my main fandom. I also like the games that Zeiva Inc. and Sakevisual have put out like Other Age and RE: Alistair++.  I've played through Zeiva Inc.'s X-Note and Dragon Essence demos and they're pretty cool.  Mmm...also played Sakevisual's My Magical Cosplay Cafe.  That game was on serious crack; some events were just like, what in the world?! and others made me laugh really hard.
For other video games, I like Pokemon, Mario games (kart, paper, super 64, tennis, golf, party, etc.), and Legend of Zelda.  Visual novels are also cool.  Sakevisual's Jisei demo was totally awesome.  I'd buy it if I weren't saving money to buy the Corda games (and the PSP to play them on). f(^^; ) I'm currently trying to beat Zeiva Inc.'s Dance Dance Evolution which is a parody game on anime memes; it's funny, but they made the last level really HARD!  I want my completely useless neko badge 'cause I gotta collect 'em all and become an otaku master (desu)! XD (hmm...I'm making fun of a game that makes fun of something else) Anyway, if you enjoyed Mr. Nobody's or Ividine's mini games in Other Age, this is the game for you.
Some of my favorite anime/manga (excluding Kiniro no Corda) are Detective ConanKitchen PrincessYakitate JapanMagic Kaito, Working GirlFruits Basket, One Piece (only the manga; the anime is too weird for me), Digimon (season 1&2, but mostly 1), and Pokemon (for a while).
Arashi is my favorite band/artist of all time.  Although, I've been kind of a bad fan recently. (>.<) They do heavily influence the Japanese dramas (which I also love) I watch though, so maybe I'm not a completely terrible fan.
I'm kind of a purist: I prefer burritos with normal fillings (a.k.a. no Thai chicken, please), it makes me cringe a little if I hear someone saying that such and such is kenkyuuing (kenkyuu = research), I rinse out my cup if what I had in the cup before the rinse is different than what's in there after, stuff like that.
My favorite food is ramen (from a shop, not instant), and my favorite color is cerulean, an oceany blue.  I love Disney.
Uh...more on topic again.
Kazuki Hihara is my favorite character in Kiniro no Corda. I'm basically convinced that he and Kahoko Hino are meant to be together forever. XD

Uh, I write fanfiction (mostly Kazuki x Kahoko, but I do some other stuff too), and this is my profile there.  I have a livejournal that I barely post to, although, to be fair, it is pretty new.  It's currently mostly also fanfiction, but I hope to populate it with things like song translations and videos at some point: http://tentsubasa.livejournal.com.

And...that's about all I can think of for now. =)

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    reading, writing, cooking, baking, movies, trying to save my dying Japanese skills (it's a losing battle)

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  • List 3 things not allowed to talk about on the forum
    emulators, asking for scans of licensed series, where to obtain stuff illegally
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    Kazuki Hihara; Hihara x Hino pairing (火日)
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    Kiniro no Corda
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    to connect with other fans

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