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My art~!

28 November 2010 - 12:44 AM

Hey everyone again, this time I'd thought i'd share some of my drawings. I'm still an amateur, but i do like how some of my drawings are =P. Nowadays, i'm drawing wayyy to many male characters than my female characters, but that's ok XD. When I get back to my moms, i can scan and share some more. or now, this is all stuff on my DA, photobucket, and computer.


H-Hello..? ovo

26 November 2010 - 03:34 PM

Hi XD? Haha.. I'm new here, so I guess it'll take me a bit to get used to this all. You can all call me Neo, annndd~ and lemme tell you a bit about myself <3!

I'm Neo, as I mentioned above and I of course love to play Otome games. Sadly, I can't read it for crap like some of us, and I opt to look for English ones instead. I use Psp, and my DS, but my DS is out of commission for now.

I've only tried Heart No Kuni No Alice, Hakuouki ( the chibi game one ), and some of Starry Sky summer and spring portable. Out of english titles, I've tried Yo-Jin-Bo, Avalon Code, Princess Debut, Summon Knight: Twin Age ( well summon knight doesn't count too much but oh well =P ), Re: Alistar, and Date Warp..

I don't know if there much else to say, except I love to read, write, draw. You can find some of my drawings at


and my writings at


It's nice to meet you all ^v^~!

( PS. I love purple :D )

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