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About Me

Hi! My name is Vani Jane, but you can simply call me 'Vani'.
No, don't call me Jane. I share that name with my aunt and my younger sister - and I'm used to being called Vani. (n_n)

I'm a short chibi-sized seventeen year old that looks like a squish pillow - or so I'm told. As I've mentioned, I've a sister - she's fifteen years younger than me and she looks like a rice ball.

So, I see on the side that I'm still a 'Closet Otaku' (-_-; ) though, it's quite befitting since I am, at an extent, one. My family knows I enjoy anime and the like, but they don't like me being interested in these things. (T_T) There are also some people at school who call you weird or childish if they find out you like anime so much. So, I pretty much shut up about anime until I'm just with my friends who understand me.(n_n)

I'm not new to the internet world. I've been here since I was in the fifth grade... with my first site being google. ('_') Anyhoo~ Here's where you can find me over in the world wide web. (^o^)/

FACEBOOK - This one always gets updated. If you want to add me, include a message that you come from here or else I won't accept. (-_-; )WORDPRESS - My blog with my writings. It's rarely being updated nowadays, though. But it's not yet dead. (>.>)TUMBLR - My friend made me make one recently. I'm liking it and finding it tedious. But it's fun. Follow me, I'll follow you back~ But leave a message that you're from here so I'll know. *(^O^)*TWITTER - ∑(O_O;) I only remembered today (Nov. 18, '10) that I had a twitter account since... 2009/08!
MYANIMELIST - So that my anime (and sometimes manga) are organized. You can add me here, too. But please, send me a message or comment me that you're from here so that I'd know. (^o^)
I also have Skype and YM. It's on the left pane, under contact information. But I rarely use YM because it sucks. If you add me on Skype, add a message that you're from here, please. (^o^)y[/font]

I've been watching anime since I was three years old. My first anime was Fushigi Yugi, episode 36 (Trampled Love) - and I always say to myself when I remember watching that episode, "That was definitely not something a three year old should watch!"

After Fushigi Yugi, I slowly got to know more about anime and watch more of it with my older male cousin. During my youth, I've only seen three shoujo anime - Fushigi Yugi, Ayashi no Ceres and Akazukin Chacha. The rest were shounen... (^-^)

When I got into high school, I met two of my best friends - and realized I've been watching ecchi for most of my elementary years. (>.>) Since freshman year, I've been getting more and more into anime - thanks to my best friends! Mostly shoujo - but I still watched some shounen shows since on our local TV station, they practically only show shounen.

I discovered manga at the age of nine - Ragnarok! Oh wait, that's manwha. Too bad it's on hiatus. (T_T)

My best friends then introduced me to shoujo manga and that resulted into me begging on my knees for money to buy manga. I only own a few since to get money, I must have high grades.

Visual novels? Otome games? Well, let's see... I can't read a speck of Japanese, so I've played those ones in English (like from Hanako Games, Tycoon Games, etc.). I don't consider it playing when I have to like, check the laptop for translations every five seconds after a new block of text appear.

But I've also played some Japanese ones that saw an English release. But there aren't much otome ones. (T_T)

Um, uh, yeah. I like yaoi. Though, I didn't like it at the start - it was only a few months ago I started liking yaoi. It really started with small exemptions - like, the Hitachiin brothers and Satoshi and Daisuke from DNAngel.

Then UraBoku came and I fell into Yaoi-Land (that's what my best friend calls it). And now, yaoi is dominating my disk space.

I won't talk more about yaoi since I know not many are comfortable with the subject. So, I won't speak of it unless well, you want me to. (*¨*)

+ Can finish a 100-episode anime in one sitting.
= Gundam SEED/Destiny made me invincible!

+ Day-dreaming maniac that canít pass the day without daydreaming at least thirty times.
= Thatís right, when weíre talking or in a conversation, count on it that I'm daydreaming at the same time. BTW, as I type, I also daydream.

+ Iím serious when it comes to anime, manga and etc..
= When one of my classmates started bashing La Corda, there was war. (Ú_ů) And she even bashed Zero and Sebastian! (o_O)

+ A Fujoshi.
= If you don't know what it is, here's a hint: it has something to do with Yaoi.

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    Anime. Manga. J-Music. French Fries. Bishounen. Books. Writing. Games. Internet. Shotas. Glomping.

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    No asking about where to download scanlations for any licensed series, downloading and/or providing links to games that have been ripped, as well as talking about emulators, unofficial (fan-translated) patches and bootlegs.
  • Who I fangirl over
    Himuro Reichii from TMGS1
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    Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 1st Love (DS)
  • Why am I here?
    Apart from wanting to gush and squeal about anime, manga, games and bishounen with people who share the same interests and hopefully, become good friends with them! I'd also like to show my support in liking otome games ('cause I haven't lost the hope that we'll get to see/play/experience otome games in English! And I do think that if members are to be seen as 'supporters', then game companies would see that there are many fans of otome outside of Japan) by signing up, meeting other people and as I had previously stated, gush/squeal/talk about it. Though, I guess my idea sounds quite far-fetched, idealistic and (some might even say it's) hopeless - and that poll thing around two years ago is... well, we didn't recieve any news but that doesn't mean it's entirely hopeless. :D

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