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Frozen Essence Visual Novel

05 April 2010 - 07:43 AM

I finally finished.
After asking for some nice help ^.^

It's an English visual novel

Download (approx: 130 mb)[/b]

In a world balanced by essence, a girl is unsealed from her crystal prison. With no recollection of anything. Much of the world is new to her, not to mention people are after her. Whether she finds her way out of this or finds love, it's up to the player to decide her fate. With the guidance and protection from the bodyguards and the oracle within her realm, her journey begin.

Genre: Fantasy, otome (gxb), visual novel

Rating: Teen, with minor blood and violence


12+ different endings
75+ CGs
Original sound track (22 custom made songs)
4 guys to end up with + 1 hidden character (reminder, no yuri, no yaoi!)
Approx: 60 mins - 80 mins per path. It depends on how fast you read.

Posted Image  
The main character without a memory (sounds cliche, eh? :wink:). The player will decide her fate with the choices that come up.

Guys (in order by the images)

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Rune is laid back, but he is serious bodyguard. He's quite protective and most things don't seem to affect him.

Caius is quite chaotic, and seems to enjoy the misery of others for some reason. He's the more unpredictable bodyguard who does as he pleases.

A charming, polite and famous soldier comes from another land. He is optimistic, and he loves his ladies.

A very serious man who doesn't seem to stop working. Not much is known about him and his mood is quite grim at times.

+ Hidden Character


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

I also don't know how to change the 78% under the topic title. o.O

I am Unbroken

12 February 2010 - 03:22 AM

Hey. I call myself Very Broken UnbrokenHours, Weird name? Who knows. You be the judge.

I've been stalking lurking around this forum for quite some time. My gosh, I did not think I'd find another place full of fan girls females and I'm used to male-infested male populated gaming forums. I fell in love with Angelique a long time ago when I barely knew any Japanese at all. I think that was my first otome game ever. I replayed it multiple times and am angry disappointed that there's no full translation of it. I hate love looking at walkthroughs but that's one of the few games I actually went to look up.

I am like most extreme fanatics otome fans where we can't really read Japanese.

I'm also in the process of attempting making my own semi-short Otome Visual Novel too, which I hope to release before Summer 2010...just for some girls who really hate the lack of English Otome games. It's definitely not going to be professional like those commercial games though....

I hate love reading the rules, and I read them in hopes I don't forget anything.

Generally my favorite anime for girls is Hanasekeru Seishounen, Saiungoku Monogatari, Peach Girl and Yumierio Pattisierre (I'm sure I spelled that one wrong). I tend to like protagonists that are not too plain and random.

Hi to all and I hope I take over this place enjoy it here. :D

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