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School Days!

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#21 Miso


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Posted 16 May 2008 - 07:20 AM

Yeah, I watched this too. The game's famous because the 3 bad endings are so bloody and violent. Out of all the endings they just had to pick two of the bloody endings and combine them to make a new ending.. Makoto's really stupid and irresponsible, he totally deserved that, but the girls are also stupid for sticking with someone like him.

Poor Kotonoha, she suffers the most. I actually like Sekai more than Kotonoha though..

You have to feel sorry for her. What really got to me was the way she walked around lifelessly with snow all over her. Really, what was the point of pursuing her if Makoto was just going to cheat on her with all those other girls. And don't say it was the boobs XD

#22 Misha


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Posted 16 May 2008 - 08:15 AM

You have to feel sorry for her. What really got to me was the way she walked around lifelessly with snow all over her. Really, what was the point of pursuing her if Makoto was just going to cheat on her with all those other girls. And don't say it was the boobs XD

I know, and how she keep texting Makoto even though she's blocked. It's just.. urgh =0=;

At first I thought Makoto would two-time Kotonoha with Sekai only, but it turned out to be worse. It seems like Makoto pursued Kotonoha because of her appearance at first, got tired of her reserved / shy attitude that caused awkwardness between them, then ignored her altogether while flirting with Sekai. Not to mention the other girls he slept with after that.. Uh, minna no Makoto?

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#23 hyuu


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Posted 05 June 2008 - 02:06 PM

the last part was a total bummer!! i loved the series but the real problem is the ending part,. :)

#24 otaku_duckie


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Posted 02 July 2008 - 06:40 PM

Youtube has all the alternate game endings

Have you guys seen the uncut version of SD? I'm tramatized by the sounds that can be heard while Katsura is sawing through Sekai's stomach.

There's an alternate ending where Makoto chooses Sekai and Katsura gets all emo and jumps off the building right in front of them. ( it's really creepy because Katsura smiles at them before she hits her head on the pavement.)

I was at the Fanime Convention and they were selling the School Days game there but I don't have a japanese system so I couldn't buy it.
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#25 D3stinyx


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Posted 25 July 2011 - 10:56 AM

LOL. My friend, a guy, went and watched this anime, and the next day he came to school yelling and screaming in my face- "This anime sucks! It is so horrible, oh my god, you shouldn't watch it!" I wasn't the one who suggested that he watched it though. After hearing his comments, I wondered what was so bad about the anime. He told me something about the ending, but he refused to speak in detail of it, so I had to resort to watching it myself, and finally feeling his terror as I finished the whole series. Actually, I nearly couldn't finish the final episode- I had actually just been 'drugging' myself to finish the entire anime series. As always, I wanted to see how BAD it could turn out to be. And it turned out to be VERY bad.

I don't know why it decided to use such a dark theme, considering its title speaks of much more innocence and positiveness. The ending was gruesome. I felt that it was one of the weirdest and most nonsensical ending ever. It was definitely an eye-opener though, for in my country, they ALWAYS make dramas with happy, cliched endings such as a blossoming family with bustling, gleeful grandchildren and all. The anime terrorized all of me. There are several AMVs on Youtube that made use of clips from the anime, and hell, the person used all the clips from the final episode. I think I got a second nightmare just by watching it again.

Either way, there are some people who went on and analyzed the whole anime, including Makoto and his behavior. I think they made some pretty good comments and remarks, thus I wouldn't actually say it was THAT bad an anime, since those people offered a pretty good argument. Though, it is not for the average audience. Only for those with a steel heart, I suppose. That's just my opinion.

My friend and I never speak of that anime, though I like to poke fun of him with it. I'm barely affected now since much time had elapsed. It's no longer scary. I have sadly come to yield the steel heart I just mentioned.

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#26 CatMuto


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Posted 26 July 2011 - 10:14 AM

I read about it, then read the TV Trope page - so, haven't watched it .. .. yet. But considering what I read, I'd probably have a sleepless night. Like that time where I just read about everything in Neon Genesis Evangelion and was awake until at least 4 AM and barely moved cause I thought the shadows were holding the creepy Rei pics .. and that disgusting decaying corpse of Asuka's ..

Anyway, however gruesome this thing ends, I have to say .. I find it hilarious that the final episode was first not shown due to the news of a schoolgirl killing her (step?)father with an axe - and they instead showed beautiful scenery during that time. And how the remakes (?) made use of it and have NICE BOAT listed everywhere ..

Have you guys seen the uncut version of SD? I'm tramatized by the sounds that can be heard while Katsura is sawing through Sekai's stomach.

Saw!? I thought she used the axe to do that! Or just a knife .. Although I read that, while the TV Series had the from-inside shot only black surroundings, the OVA made it up realistically where you could see the texture and inside of the organs ..
It's creepy that I find that good. Even if I'm a scaredy cat for it.


I actually finished reading the manga yesterday - ended up having a weird dream with elements of it in it. Note to self: Do not read funny recaps of Wind Waker while also reading School Days. Seriously .. don't.

The manga was kinda fun. I mean, I knew the anime's ending and when I saw only 12 chapters of the manga, I was wondering, like .. chapter 10 is the school festival. And I was wondering if the manga really was finished.
Yeah. It ended alright. Heehee. They ended it quite differently, but also suddenly instead of the anime that dragged out Kotonoha's and Sekai's descent into madness .. on both or either parts. Not sure.

But I read about Cross Days, and I was severely confused. Makoto is now a depraved Bisexual who goes for alter ego of a crossdresser and he has sex with the alter ego (who is still a guy) and men gang-raping another man .. and .. something about NICE TRAIN and how the only "true/real" ending is now Makoto feeling bad about f*cking around so much and ends up in a happy relationship with a male crossdresser?
Yeah, severely confusing ..

I still want to play/read the actual Visual Novel and I heard that an english translation of School Days came out (or was supposed to come out) in 2011. Anyone know about that? Cause I wanna see everyone, since the manga was rather confusing with these people showing up where I only knew 3 of them. Although, they are the important ones.

In terms of the anime's super violent ending .. well, call me harsh but I think Makoto deserves what he got. If you f*ck around that much and be a jerk, you WILL end up like that. Not particularely with that piece on the NICE BOAT, but .. it's a possibility.
But I read that the anime was supposed to be a total deconstruction and horror version of Harem Series that always work out fine. (Although that game ending of GETTING an actual Harem with Kotonoha and Sekai, both of their presents telling Makoto that they're pregnant from him .. basically repeating what his father did .. sorta .. well, it gives me headaches)


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