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Interview with MangaGamer

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Posted 02 June 2013 - 07:09 AM



Quoting here the relevant part (the rest of the interview is interesting, but nothing new if you already keep up with eorge news)

Asking in the name of the female players – have you ever thought about translating otome or yaoi games?

We have thought about it, yes. Both are something we would definitely like to look into. Our main concerns at the moment though are how well they might do. The market for visual novels is already small as is, so we’re concerned that such games for women only might be targeting an even smaller niche. We’ve heard from our fellow publishers in the field that their releases didn’t do as well as hoped, so when and if we do attempt to pursue either of these games and their audience, we want to make sure we pick a good title to make our attempt with, but it’s hard for us to know what kind of title that would be since we don’t get a lot of input or requests for specific otome or yaoi titles.

The other issue with otome and yaoi games is the lack of availability. There is a big market for visual novels and eroge in Japan with lots of companies and titles to select from, but when it comes to otome and yaoi games, there simply isn’t that wide a variety to work with. In Japan the market for such games is only 1/10th the size of the eroge market, and it’s a big concern that it might be the same way here in the west.


It's interesting how he mentions the other publishers "didn't do as well as hoped" seeing that those publishers usually claims the contrary. If you'd like to go poke them with titles, they have 2 specific threads in their forums:

- this one for companies

- this one for specific games

EDIT: they split the threads so go here instead


Read the first post for the rules and follow them! And try to give links to what you are requesting, by official site or VNDB links.


That being said, he's unfortunately very right in how limited the pool is. I can only think very few PC titles worth mentioning, and if I ignore those that got a console port the number goes even lower and 18+ only. And even there, the art didn't age well to today's standards...

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