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Posted 22 January 2012 - 10:02 PM

A topic about the novel written by Yu Wo - made into a manhua drawn by Choi Hong Chong.
In 2100 AD, virtual reality games have been created and are played while one is sleeping. The realism of every game has been upped until the newest game, Second Life, is about to come out with a realism of 99%! Feng Lan ends up making a bet with her twin brother: She vows to beat Second Life without using any of the 'female benefits'*. And so she becomes the first female player of Second Life to play as a male under the name of 'Prince'. As her infamy as a bloodthirsty elven warrior (netting her the nickname of Blood Elf) rises, can she keep her identity a secret to everyone in the real world?

Personally, I began reading the manhua first and it was hilarious. The art is beautifully done, the humor is slipped in all over the place and will keep you grinning throughout reading everything. When I stumbled onto a fan-translation of the novel, I noticed that the manhua was an almost perfect copy of the novel - almost every single joke or phrase of the novel had been put in the manga. Some things have, of course, been slightly altered or left out due to space, but it's still easy to read and understand.

Neither the translation for the manhua or the novel are complete, yet - both stop around the same point. The manhua is coming out bi-monthly ..
Oh and I am a Gui .. liastesxPrince supporter. ^_^
(What a tough name Gui-chi has)

The homepage of the novel translation


* Feng Yan Ming, Lan's Brother, says that playing as a female is much easier - you just be cute and enter a strong party or grab yourself an in-game husband to powerlevel and support you with equipment.

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