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The rise of romance in western RPGs

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Posted 26 July 2011 - 05:40 AM

I'm not sure I agree with DA2's romance being a step back. I went back to replay DAO recently and I'm pretty sure that both of them actually have the same amount of dialogues, and DA2 might even have a bit more? It's just that DA2's is more spread out throughout the game, rather than just dialogue trees that you can exploit all at once. |D; DAO also had a few infodumps that the characters do for expositioning in place of the codex that wasn't really romance dialogues. Personally I really loved the conversation wheel (it makes it easier to stop romances from ninja-ing on me) and enjoyed the way Bioware did the romances for DA2 more because the development for Hawke and his/her LI seems more realistic and gradual rather than the estimately 15 minutes I could use to make a companion go head over heels for the Warden at the Camp site, and when you exhaust all those conversations trees, there's practically nothing to talk with them about anymore throughout the game even though you could initiate the talk wherever you want, and I liked the fact that I could romance whoever I like, however I wanted (although I'm aware of the fact that like... a lot of female gamers who played the romances probably disagree with me and will call the rivalry romances "cheap, fake and stupid" but I actually love those a slight bit more than the friendship romances |D;) I'm also not sure I agree that the story seems disconnected from the romances considering that like Morrigan and Alistair, Isabela and Anders' romances also had a certain impact on some important events in the game. Also outside of the actual romance convos with the LIs, there's many nods throughout the game and banters that could reference Hawke's love life, and from what I heard, the latest DLC (which should be released in a few hours) is going to include more banter that acknowledge's whatever romance you do.

I WILL ADMIT I might be a bit biased though, because I really enjoyed Hawke as a protagonist more than I enjoyed the Warden and I love love love love love the two male love interests, especially Fenris (even though I do have a fondness for Alistair, and Zev was my favorite in DAO), and while I'll concede that DA2 has a lot of flaws, the characters and the romances were definitely not one of them.

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Posted 11 September 2011 - 04:15 PM

I thought this was a bit funny news article:

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