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Posted 22 May 2009 - 09:15 PM

don't judge me for the titel i didn't have a better idea

anyhow i'a closet writer (basically i write for my drawer. a place where no one can read them) i did let some peopel read (but i think my family and friends are bribed) so i don't trust them.
but i do trust you guys to tell me the truth to my face (more or less).

but cose i write alot at the same time (i started some stories 3 years ago and havent finished yet) i have 8 stories that i write at the same time (right now that is. i finished some erlier).

i want to post my unfinished stories here and to ask u guys for help in ending them but i don't know what kind of stories u like.
so i'm going to post basical information about them and you will chose wich soriy u will read here.

first story
takes place in acheat greece and tells the story of cassandra a true prophetess that no one belives in.

second story
takes place in a modern contry (it have eastern and western charcteristics at the same time and so does it's people so it doesnt have any certain location) and tells the story of the most unregular guys who created the most unregular rock group and thier unregular backgrounds.

thierd story
takes place in a contry with easten and western charcteristics (yes again) and tells the story of the most un regular school.
well basically it's an extreamlly dark vampier story with a twist.

fourth story
takes place in a contry with eastern and western characteristics (don't all my stories seems like that) and tell abuot this girl who unvillingly got cought in the world of crime.
well it's acrime drama a dark one (then again most of my stories are dark, very dark).

fifth story
takes place yet again in a modern day contry withe eastern and western characteristics.
tells about agirl who got her life saved by a silver wolf who almost pay wiht his life she wants to save him, takes him home wher he tens in to a man as a resold of a curse that was paced on him. now because she wants to repay her debt to him she wants to remove the curse.
it's a fantasy story about curses, sicrets, deth and murder.

so here are the stories reply and tell me wich you like best the one get mor replies will be posted here (these arent all of my uncomleted stories certainlly but i will not post all of my list here. i'm not that nots).

have fun and thanx in advance

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