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Announcement: Fan Club rules and info

Posted by kaho



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Hi all,

I have finally managed to install the hack that allows members to run their own fan clubs. So I am sure those of you requested will be able to have fun doing this!

So before you go ahead and start running a fan club, please read the below very carefully:


1. You must have one of the admins or mods to be your co-leader.

2. Please PM me for approval before you go ahead and create a fan club stating the purpose of the fan club. (e.g. who is it for, and stuff)

3. You will have to have at least 30+ posts to be able to create a fan club.


1. Go to the "fan club" link on the top right hand corner of the page

2. Click on "create a team" link on the top right hand corner

3. Enter the information (For co-leader, PM one of the admins/mods for permission before you put their names in)

4. Click create team icon

5. I will then approve it. (you must PM me for permission or else I would never know the request is there.)

6. Once approved, you can see your fan club name appear in the "fan club" link

7. From there you can start managing your team.

Remember your team forum will not appear until you have created your forum name in the forum setting.

Have fun! =D

Your miko Kaho
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