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Announcement: Forum Rules and Introduction

Posted by kaho



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Hi all,

Welcome to the Neo Forum, and forum for the site My NeoRomance.

I am Kaho, the owner of this site, I started this site because I am a hopeless otome game addict and wanted to spread the poison to the rest of the English speaking world...hehe

Here are some general info about the forum:

My Neoromance Livejournal Community
If you find that there is a connection problem to the forums, please make an entry or post there. At the same time, if the forums are down, we will inform the members there.

My Neoromance Main Site Syndicate @ LJ
All entries on the main site will be syndicated.


  • kaho
  • kei
  • kessho
  • shunee
Mikos are the admins of this forum, we basically look after this place to make sure it runs smoothly.


  • akuram
  • Mizutama
  • litewolf
  • Moe
Hachiyos are the global mods of this forum, they help the Mikos to make sure we dont have stupid people ruining this forum for us.


  • niichan
    Fatas are staff that help out with the forum and therefore will gain access to the staff room but please DO NOT message them regarding forum moderation issues. PM one of the GLOBAL MODS if you have any issues with the forum.

Closet Otaku= 1~49
Open Otaku= 50~349
Queen Otaku= 350~999
Veteran Otaku= 1000+

    This means NO one or two word replies and meaningless replies just to earn post counts.

    Examples of spam posts (but are not limited to):

    -"[insert chara here]is cute/handsome/beautiful."
    (Yes, we can fangirl over a character, but please expand more on it)
    -"oh wow, that was cool, I really enjoyed it"
    (we all enjoyed it, but do share why and how you have enjoyed it)
    -"This game sounds interesting. Too bad I cant speak Japanese/don't own a ps2/NDS/PSP blah blah..."
    (There are others who also have limited knowledge of Japanese, or do not have the benefit of owning all the consoles. You are not the only one.)
    -Thank you for sharing.
    (Yes, it is nice to thank people, but making a post with simply this is considered spam. If you would like to thank someone, please find the +/- button at the lower right hand corner of their post and click on + to thank them.)
    -The link is not working.
    -Replies to new information posted in the thread that does not allow any follow-up conversations for/between other members.
    -"Can someone upload this?"
    (If a link is dead, it is dead.)

  • No double posting. If you want to add something to your post but no one has posted a reply after you, use the 'edit' function.
  • No leeching of contents. Don't copy and paste another member's post (reviews, translations, summary, pictures etc.) to other forums or sites without the writer's permission.
  • Do not use another member's translations for scanlation purposes especially for the LICENSED ones. AND THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN USE IT FOR UNLICENSED TITLES EITHER!
  • Do not post the URLs of Download Links to other forums/sites even if they are hosted by free storage sites.
  • be friendly to others, we are supposed to be here because we share the same hobby, so no abusing of each other.
  • If you were to post a picture or huge article, please put it inside a spoiler so it would be easy for members to scroll through the page without waiting for the page to load for ages. This includes your signature!
  • No posting or asking of manga scanlations/anime of ANY LICENSED SERIES, especially the ones below:
    1. La Corda D'oro (kiniro no Corda)  
    2. Harukanaru Toki no Nakade
    Referral links to online-reading raws/scans are allowed but links to DOWNLOAD scans are not allowed.
  • Please remember that this forum strictly forbids anyone who talks about where to download or provide others with illegal wares. (This includes but not limited to contents ripped from games/cds.) MNR does not wish to affiliate or promote itself as an illegal wares download haven, so we hope that all members can respect our decision. However, it is okay to discuss where to get the products through legal means, for example, purchasing from shops, or selling the products yourself.
    Other examples of related topics not allowed (but is not limited to): BOOTLEGS, EMULATORS, and UNOFFICIAL PATCHES.
  • Uploading of any files using the hosting servers that helps you gain money will result in an instant ban of your account.

  • We are a community, so if you see anyone breaking the rules or causing problems to other members, please use the 'REPORT' button at the lower left corner of that member's post.
    The report system is double blind, even the moderators/admins would not be able to see who made the report.
  • Anyone found breaking the rules will be warned. After 5 warnings, you will be banned and expelled from the forum.

    Other than that, enjoy and post crazy! >w<
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