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#60265 Otome "games" - Bullshit

Posted by NYORORO on 10 February 2010 - 11:45 PM

I am not Nao-KoKi, but I’d like to join the discussion.

If you're really insistent on playing the games, you'd take the initiative to learn the language. I admit kanji is incredibly hard, but learning hiragana and katakana should be simple as the alphabet.

Wait, what? I understand what you're trying to say but is this really a reasonable argument?

Yes, this is a reasonable argument because the context which made Nao-Koki said it has to do with the OP, who on numerous instances refused the option of learning Japanese. (And I apologize if I am putting words in your mouth, Nao-Koki. This is strictly my own speculation from what I can understand with the conversations going on in this thread.)

While translations may serve the purpose of allowing non-speakers to understand (and those with some understanding to understand more), there is a limit to how much Japanese could be learned if one heavily relies on translations. Moreover, the crux of the argument which most people have a problem with is that, instead of taking the advices from other members on this forum, the OP insists on not learning the language and chooses to complain about the lack of games that have been translated.

I agree with you that learning languages that are completely distinct from English may present a lot of difficulties, but at the same time, I would argue that telling someone to learn Japanese is not a process of alienation. I can understand everyone’s situations is different when it comes to their opportunity and their learning experience, but the question remains as to, “How much will translations help you in the long run if one does not take the initiative to learn?” If you look at the forums, we have a thread that provides resources for members to learn Japanese. http://forum.my-neor...h__1 We are by no means expecting or coercing everyone to learn Japanese, but we do encourage members to learn Japanese so that they could understand and appreciate the games when there aren’t any available means than to wait for translations. After all, no matter how good a translation is, there are some nuances that cannot be translated across languages. Besides, one could understand the context and background through their learning experience with the language. That said, it would be an alienation to the non-Japanese speaking gamers if they were made to play a game without any knowledge of the language and the culture itself. Therefore, I beg to differ on how you tangled kaho’s intentions with the “alienation by telling people to learn the language”.

MNR does not have the obligation to provide each and every translation for everything that is out there, while we are a community that helps one another, we also emphasize on personal growth and self learning. Despite that, no one in this forum ever tells one another to learn Japanese, because we understood the purpose and the intention of the forum. However, this “go and learn Japanese” event only happened here, because as many others have point out, the OP refuses to employ the alternatives suggested (which do not involve learning Japanese) to her and whines about her predicament. There is nothing in this thread which suggests the OP is willing to give the alternatives a try. That is why some people who have argued against the OP emphasized on the need to learn Japanese if the OP is truly in a dire need of accomplishing her goal. This is combined with the fact that the OP appears to be misinformed about details in some games she used as an example to establish her arguments, which is why Nao-Koki put it in a conditional statement as a polite way of offering a solution to the OP’s dilemma. Of course, provided that it is within the condition which the OP chooses to accept.

#60236 Otome "games" - Bullshit

Posted by 69オン on 09 February 2010 - 04:05 PM

If you want an artbook, you have to join a forum, post a bunch and MAYBE someone has posted it... and if you can use that download link your pretty much screwed because people "can't be bothered" to upload it elsewhere. If you want a game... well.. if it's not popular... good luck. There's one game in particular I've been trying to get forever, but has no seeds and is out of print, and all the direct links are dead.

Again, if you really want it (as in physically in your possession), or if you have the decency to look it up in second hand stores on/offline, you should be able to find it. If you can't, well, keep looking, you can't find it because you haven't been looking hard enough. Honestly, I don't see what the problem is when you don't even take the initiative in the first place. Stop whining about how people are being elitists that won't share or reupload it elsewhere. Gathering from what I can understand from the statement you just made, I can clearly see that you were presented with numerous options, but you threw them away because it's too tedious to show some engagement even just by typing and clicking the post button. Girl, you were given many choices in this thread, but you pushed them away simply because you don't bother trying. Stop using the Marxist feminist claims to make it as though you are being oppressed, you have choices/alternatives/solutions and they were presented to you.

You can point the finger and say "But that's PIRACY! You should buy your own copy!" However many people don't want to plonk down $30 for music. I hate to say it, but piracy show interest, shows companies "Hey, we care enough to share this with all our friends... all .. 5 billion of them."

Yes, and it also tells them their end is near, because it's either "Translate them into English!" or bankruptcy. The former is what you want, but unfortunately, since many people have been pirating their software too much, they don't have the revenue to translate their products into English. Can't you see what you've done?

I am also sorry that I do not READ Japanese to play all the games and I base my characters on the anime and/or manga versions of them, because they have been provided with some form of English subtitles and/or text. (Or that I care to play a harem game not directed at me. Are you going to tell a vegetarian to try the meat, it's delicious?)

Survival of the fittest, mate.

Was it really necessary to change the title like that :neutral: I find it offensive really.

Before you jump to the conclusion of either kaho or KAPSLOCK changing the title, perhaps you should wonder why it was changed like that?

The discussion seems to have proceeded past that.

Past what? Beyond bullshit? I agree. I can't find a better word for it, really, but bullshit will do for now.

In the beginning, you were asking people about games with a set of criteria you are looking for, well, that was all cool. However, when people recommended games to you, you either shoot them down by saying "Oh no, it's Japanese!" or "I'm not looking for this because [insert your million reasons for turning it down]". That's fine too, because hey, not everyone knows Japanese, and really, whatever other rationales you've came up with to turn them down.  

What caused this whole thread going south is when you insult games that you find unpalatable to your taste using opinions that you've relayed from some guy over on the IRC. When people came to this thread and pointed it out to you nicely about your misconception, you either ignored them or chose to read what you want selectively. You failed to acknowledge what they say and continued on with your own charade, and that is exactly when this thread is being turned into bullshit.

In case you have no idea what bullshit means, please have the decency to look it up and you will find the definition has its pertinence to this thread. And while you're at it, please take the time to read William G. Perry's essay as well, I'm sure you could learn something. Don't worry, it's in English, you can understand English, right?

#60234 Otome "games" - Bullshit

Posted by sheepishsheep on 09 February 2010 - 01:01 PM

Here's a few points you should get straight.

Firstly, I highly doubt it was kaho who changed the title of the topic. Do read carefully before you leap to conclusions.

Secondly, your point about the possibility of Yunoki raping Hino does NOT happen (and will never happen because the game series has ended; you should also take a look at the rating of the game before you even propound such suggestions). It's Cero A, fyi and no Cero A game ever has content of that sort or even suggestions of bed scenes. For heaven's sake, it didn't even contain a real kiss scene for any character. Btw, if you choose to take words spoken by a 2D character seriously and to heart, we-ell... I guess you'd feel insulted and stuff but I'd expect that most adults wouldn't commit such an error even if they are super-immersed in the game.

Thirdly, you seem to be making extremely erroneous assertions about Akuram. He has never insulted anyone in that preposterous manner. Those words or any equivalent in Japanese aren't even in his vocabulary. Where you got that from is entirely beyond me. Kindly watch the subbed anime or read game summaries from reliable sources before making claims.

Fourth, if you refuse to play the games on the premise they are not directed at you, it is highly insensible to make claims about such games since you cannot back your claims up with concrete proof. Also, keep in mind that anime subs can contain inaccuracies and are subject to interpretation both by the subber and the viewer.

While I understand that lack of Japanese skills is something that obstructs you from playing most games, there is always the possibility of learning. After all, I started out with nothing in 2007 and I'm comfortable with the language now such that I am around JLPT 2 level. It is perfectly plausible if you set your mind to it.

P.S. I wasn't asking you to bow down to the majority. But I don't support the use of violence like how suffragettes did to get the first semblance of democracy for females in England. I was just asking if you could consider other viewpoints apart from your own to understand (if not necessarily agree with) where other people are coming from.

#71251 [psp/vita] Harutoki 6

Posted by akuram on 18 September 2014 - 05:32 AM

Teaser site is now open!

More info on B'slog 9/20 issue


EDIT:Added more info


Release date: March 12, 2015

Preorders are now open at your favorite game shop 8D Well Ami2x sells the t-box and they ship overseas 8D




Confirmed cast:

Terashima Takuma

Suzumura Ken'ichi

Abe Atsushi

Okamoto Nobuhiko

Tachibana Shinnosuke

Takemoto Eiji

Shitanda Michael

Yasumoto Hiroki


Looking at the cast it's the H5 one...so /sobs I guess the old cast are just side charas

#69073 Hakuouki in English

Posted by akuram on 20 February 2012 - 03:05 AM

I'm so sorry-- but I can't just stand here and ignore - but then don't get me wrong that I don't support the localization of otome games.
I'm not expecting a perfect translation -but a professional translation. Also remember that, you, the players paid for this game thus it is important that they must do a professional work.
Borrowing the meaning from the dictionary:

A translation is a rendering of the same ideas in a different language from the original

That's what it means to translate - not altering the original work.
By changing Chizuru's personality they violated the meaning of translation. That's why my respect for Akysys went downhill in an instant because of their unprofessional treatment on this game.
Maybe they thought those who understand Japanese won't purchase the English version at all (since they played the game in Japanese already) thus thinking the non-Japanese speaking fans won't  complain about the translation because of course they don't understand Japanese to begin with. (Dang this is so redundant, sorry for that I'm not good at writing ORZ)

And really, in the original - Chizuru is not a likable character to begin with, even in the anime too (don't get me start on that ) so why do they have to change it (as Litewolf pointed it out already)?
Also - Chizuru is a Japanese - so her way of thinking is very different from the western people (thus they don't need to alter her personality to appeal the western players) - but then the audience/players should be aware of that  and did a little homework about Japanese culture.
Especially it's already stated that the setting is in Japan (Edo period) and the characters are Japanese.

Hijikata dropped the f bomb once and I did find that a bit jarring, but the line that has bothered me the most was uttered by Okita I think. Something about the people "losing their sh*t." I admit that really did bother me as the phrase seemed way too modern and not something a samurai would say.

THIS. See how they did not care about the era and didn't think carefully enough about their translation?

#60409 Otome "games" - Bullshit

Posted by NYORORO on 14 February 2010 - 03:52 PM

SO, does anybody have any other game titles that play similar Ururun Quest or are they going to just continue to spiral this thread off of it's topic?

This thread wouldn't have gone "off topic" if you didn't do the things which people have been criticizing you for. By doing so, it is expected that people will address your response to clear up the misunderstandings. You are the one who has gone "off topic" despite the fact that you are now claiming everyone to be doing so. You have asked for a discussion, and a discussion it is.

I though this would be a good place to seek information such games, seeing how it's a Neo-Romance board, however I can see that this place consists of cliques and fangroups that get offended at ANYTHING you say about ANYTHING and will then drag the thread into Off Topic land because you don't like the game they play or you don't like the character they group over because he's defiantly either a user and/or an abuser.

Initially, no one was offended, however what happened was that you have had a series of false accusations and poor word choice to get your point across; when people have tried to correct you, you have refused to be corrected. As a general rule, you should really consider the option of being nice and not calling games/characters/people names even though you may not agree with them, especially when you are trying to explain why you do not agree with them.

Reading most of the responses, it let's me know that most people didn't READ what I wrote and merely skimmed it, thinking I said one thing when I didn't.

Quite the contrary, everyone who has made a response here has read your thread, but it appears that you are the one who did not bother reading others' response when they have pointed out your fallacies. Perhaps you should be the one who needs to revisit the responses made to you. You have yet to address people's concern when they told you that you shouldn't use interpretive relayed information as the supporting evidence of your argument. You have also been recommended to try and learn some Japanese to broaden your horizon with the games that some members have recommended to you, but it appears you have been turning a death ear (or in this case, a blind eye) on them.

I still take offense to the title change.

Chemistry explained it nicely. It isn't offensive. It was meant for the "games". If you think it is being offensive against you, that means you have the assumption that it is directed at the responses you have made. This perception couldn't be conceived if the idea of doubting yourself (or the fact that you agree with their "accusations") has never crossed your mind.

Other than criticisms, members in this forum have also given you suggestions throughout the thread. If you believe what people have suggested isn't what you are looking for, you could thank them and go on with your merry way. You, however, choose to downplay their suggestions and even to the extent of making baseless statements against things that are (as you have referred to) "off topic". It wouldn't be surprising to see some people come back with a stronger tone of voice in their response or make criticizing statements against you.

Finally, Hazuki has made a suggestion to what you are looking for, if you have once again decided to deny yourself the chance of a game that may suit your criteria, then please stop protesting about how everyone is in a clique or a fan group that is made just for the sake of going against you.

#71517 Memorial Trees ( forget-me-not ) Life+Farming simulation game

Posted by estherfunworld on 08 February 2016 - 04:52 AM


WE want to make pc game like Rune Factory or similar Harvest Moon.

Memorial Trees: forget-me-not  is a free PC game and Life+Farming simulation game. Harvest Moon and Rune Factory , the game will be quite big. I imagine that there would be shops to buy tools, items for harvesting, planting, fishing, etc. Then there would be mini events to score our crush. I believe that this will take a long time to finish

:We want to make a game that make you happy and enjoy it

News and concept art update

Female and Male player






#69815 花咲くまにまに

Posted by litewolf on 17 November 2012 - 01:33 PM

Official site

More info on Girl's style, character designer is redjuice (Guilty Crown and others). Animate is already listing the game for PSP.

#67992 バクダン★ハンダン

Posted by litewolf on 15 September 2011 - 10:30 AM

Title: Bakudan★Handan
Platform: PSP
Release: sometime 2012
SMRY: 7 person take part in a 'game' that will decide the fate of a theme park, they need to clear this 'game' in 7 days in order to save the theme park from being blowed up


#60245 Otome "games" - Bullshit

Posted by Nao-KK on 09 February 2010 - 09:53 PM

Forgot to add this bit in my post (was in a rush to class), and I would edit my previous post but I feel that I need to make this point known in case people saw the topic and overlooked it.

Was it really necessary to change the title like that :neutral: I find it offensive really.
The discussion seems to have proceeded past that.
I am also sorry that I do not READ Japanese to play all the games and I base my characters on the anime and/or manga versions of them, because they have been provided with some form of English subtitles and/or text. (Or that I care to play a harem game not directed at me. Are you going to tell a vegetarian to try the meat, it's delicious?)

If you're really insistent on playing the games, you'd take the initiative to learn the language. I admit kanji is incredibly hard, but learning hiragana and katakana should be simple as the alphabet. You can't expect every single Japanese anime, manga, game, movie, etc to provide Japanese subtitles or English dubs. No one's going to hold your hand or spoon-feed you forever. Think about how fansubs and fan scanlations came to be. Sometimes it's just because the fans felt they couldn't wait forever for a possible (Keyword: "possible" as in "not guaranteed") official English sub or translation, so they went ahead with learning the language and even providing the fansubs/scanlations for the rest of the fans.

Also the example with the vegetarian isn't completely justifiable in this case. I think it's more like, "I'm a vegetarian, so I'm going to say that meat tastes disgusting." Say you've been a vegetarian all your life, not once eating meat, and you go to a high-class restaurant that serves some of the best steaks in the world. All you do is look at one on a plate, maybe even sniff it a little, and then you say, "This steak tastes disgusting." Did you actually try a bite of the steak? No. So do you think it would be justifiable to say that the steak taste disgusting just because you're a vegetarian? No. You didn't taste it yourself, and you already made a rude remark to the chef for saying that his/her steak tastes disgusting. Not saying that the vegetarian has to like meat for his/her comment to be justifiable, but it sure isn't when you say it taste disgusting without having experienced the taste of the steak. The plausible thing to say is, "I'm a vegetarian, so I won't eat the steak."

Now, in the case with all the recommendations people offered, sure, you don't appreciate games having both male and female leads to choose from, or that it has to be RPG element first before otome aspect, or that the game has to have all the aspects you want catered to your interest. That's like saying, "I'm not eating the steak because I'm a vegetarian." But for all the rude comments you used to belittle games such as the Ar tonelico series when not actually having played them is similar to saying, "The steak taste disgusting even though I haven't tried it since I'm a vegetarian." So overall, feel free to choose not to play the games if it doesn't fit your criteria, but don't go shooting down aspects of the games as though you've experienced playing it, and then try to use it to justify your argument. Using someone else's review is also not plausible because it's an outside source that is similar to saying, "The steak tastes disgusting because my friend says so." How would you know if it does? What if you take a bite from it and think it's the best steak you've ever eaten? Just because your friend found it tasted bad does not mean everyone else he/she tells it to is going to think the same thing.

And in the sense of everyone recommending games to you, it's not as though everyone is trying to feed the vegetarian meat; everyone is just trying to narrow down the food options for a picky eater.

#59726 [15/12] Happy Birthday MNR!

Posted by kaho on 15 January 2010 - 11:12 AM

Can't say I like the characters or dialogue. :/
I felt too limited to either rapist guy or Yuji. I didn't like that feeling as I didn't really want either of them. I didn't like the dialogue on the top of the school where the character calls Reika a slut. Slut is a word I would NEVER use to describe another woman and it just felt odd that this character was supposed to be me saying that. It's a degrading word for women (being described by who or how many people you had sex with or didn't have sex with. One that does not apply to men obviously.) and one that I hope will be stricken from vocabulary. I also don't like the scene as it places the character in a rape position, one that is overused and cliche for both VNs, shoujo manga and anime. Where she is being harassed by someone and the man has to come save her. Really I felt the main character was just helpless and couldn't do anything without a man... it didn't make me feel like I had fun playing it. It was too much a slice of reality ._.

While I must say, this is probably one of the most offensive post I have seen on MNR forum.

I am not here to disagree with you on your views of the plot of the game, whether it was cliche or bad, the words used were wrong or not, because MNR forum allows people to freely express their opinions of a game they have played.

What I find offensive though is Love Blossom is a gift, and may I emphasise, a FREE HOME MADE gift Moe and litewolf made for the members of MNR to celebrate the 3rd birthday of this forum out of their own busy life.

However, I find it amusing there was not one single positive thing you said in that post about the gift, no thank you, no nothing when Moe had only out of her kindness recommended you to try this game because you were looking for "English otome games."

I hope you find it in your heart to realise how you may have hurt other members on this forum.

#37944 [Chapter 14 updated]Scarlet Fangs of a Goddess

Posted by kaho on 07 November 2008 - 06:32 AM

Hi all~

I have decided to start off on a new dream novel series, this time basing it on Hino Matsuri's Vampire Knight. Well, it is actually an original story, so not much is connected with the original story excapt I used the character names as well as the idea of vampires and vampire hunters xD
(So yeah, if you havent read Vampire Knight, you can still read this story on its own)

Things to note that are different from original:

1. This is set in 19th century
2. Ichiru is actually a healthy guy
3. Zero is not a vampire
4. The heroine is an original character
5. Kaname and Zero does not know each other in my story
5. They dont study in Cross Gakuen

Rating: M15+ (just in case it gets passionate)
Character pairings: Kaname>heroine<Zero+Ichiru


As the daughter of the famous vampire hunter Yagari clan, the heroine (you) took on your first mission and realised, maybe hunting a vampire was not exactly like what you have read from books or have been taught in theory. 'He' was a vampire that was different to all, and while not knowing what was the right thing to do, those that are around you may not really be who you thought they were.


So yes, I love a complicated versus story so expect it 8D

Chapter 1

I will change it into a dream novel when I get home so you can input your name instead of the heroine's default name. ^^

#33988 [Takuyo] Sora Yume ソラ * ユメ

Posted by kaho on 26 August 2008 - 01:57 AM

I am surprised that there was no topic for this game so I am starting it. This game was released on the same day as Haruka 4 was, maybe that's why it has been forgotten? xD;;

Posted Image

ソラ * ユメ

Official website: Takuyo
Platform: PS2

Quick summary


I just started playing because seeing it received a 4 1/2 star rating, and everyone had positive comments about it. So far I am finding it quite interesting. And the part of a "horror" otome game sort of made me intrigued.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else had already played it?

#69922 裏語 薄桜鬼

Posted by NYORORO on 11 January 2013 - 10:30 AM

Image Visual: Nakajima Atsuko
Character Design: Komamiya Sayo

Price: 6,090 yen (LE: 8,190 yen)

Will be released some time in 2013 on PSP.

The reason for making this series is because they have not explored the other side (that is perspectives from other factions other than Shinsengumi). Therefore, this time, they want to include the Jyoi faction and the Ishin faction.

Attached Thumbnails

  • hakuouki_0002a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0004a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0005a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0006a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0007a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0008a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0009a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0010a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0011a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0012a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0013a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0014a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0015a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0016a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0017a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0018a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0019a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0020a.jpg
  • hakuouki_0021a.jpg

#69124 Hakuouki in English

Posted by litewolf on 27 February 2012 - 06:50 AM

I liked the Hakuoki translation from that point of view. It reads like a novel.

No. My twilight example still stands, no novel gets re-written so badly in tranlsation. So I'll ask: why is it that novels are translated keeping their original feeling without a single problem and games get the short stick?
The only answer I have so far is that the novel translators are serious and professional about their work, the games ones don't care.
Pick a book from Murasaki or Yoshimoto (just examples), I doubt you'll see their characters talk like Hijikata does in this localization. If you do, then maybe American people can't read anything without swearings left and right and so the problem is more cultural than I thought.

P.S. I don't know about 999 because Aksys can't be bothered to bring that to Europe

#69043 Hakuouki in English

Posted by litewolf on 16 February 2012 - 11:06 AM

What's next, pull a Resonance of Fate and change the plot?
Aksys, you disappoint. You talked a lot about how 'professional' you are, but I don't see what's professional in changing a character personality for your own convenience.

#61485 RapeLay on front page of CNN.com

Posted by Azure on 08 April 2010 - 10:36 PM

I was initially planning on lurking but something caught my eye…

fyi, japan got one of the lower rape rates in the world. perhaps all the wanking satisfied them legally?


That’s a little naïve.  Japan has the one of the lowest reported rape cases per capita worldwide,  how many are unreported/dropped? Japan is ranked #54th in the world when it comes to rape per capita.  It's also a male dominated shame based society, ironically that shame gives them low crime overall. Countries near Japan are also shame base male dominated.  In fact the last country, the country that has the fewest rapes per capita is as modern as Japan, richer then Japan, shame based, and male dominated like Japan.  Two differences, Japans much more liberal sexually and Saudi Arabia (& others) is notorious for “Honor” Killings, Japan doesn’t have honor killings, they do have honor suicide (seppuku) and a history of women committing suicide after rape, again, ties into the shame theme.  When shame is used to control a society it’s a double edged sword, that blade cuts someone whose raped just as badly as it cuts someone convicted of a crime.  Japan to this day widely denies the unmitigated fact of comfort women (ie: WWII sex slaves) and the Rape of Nanking.  In 2007 a Minister of Education even said those women in WWII should be proud of serving Japanese soldiers, those comments aren't isolated incidents, if that isn’t a messed up view of rape, then what is?

Japan doesn't have victim protection laws like other countries, they discourage pressing charges because you did something to bring it on, you didn’t fight back, you didn’t scream, you wore a skirt, you wore clothes that were too tight, you looked them in the eye, you asked for it.  Rape victims anywhere in the world already struggle with a deep sense of shame, a shame society compounds that, when you have police, lawyers, judges, family & friends who either, blame you, disbelieve you, or want you to forget it, there’s little point in speaking up.

Laws protecting rape victims are either nonexistent, antiquated (100ys), or ignored.  Politicians change/make laws, few high ranking female politicians + few sympathetic ones = who cares.  Japanese society doesn’t view rape as part of crimes against humanity (they did sign the Geneva convention), in other words its not that big a deal, it's one of the reasons why they still get in trouble with the comfort women topic.  Its gotten to the point where it was brought up with the United Nations Committee Against Torture for woman's rights violations, Japan was found lacking in how the authorities treat rape victims.  Groping in Japan is a widespread problem, but people rarely every stop it when its happening, the girls are too ashamed to call attention to themselves and the people around them don’t want to rock the proverbial boat.  That kind of attitude is a breading ground for people like Josef Fritzl, in fact the look-the-other-way stance is the same in Austria as it is in Japan, no one cares enough to bring attention to it, its too shameful.


Sorry for the rant, but with a society like Japan, one that depicts rape so freely, doesn’t take sexual assault of any kind seriously, doesn’t admit to rape atrocities in history books, is shame based, and male dominated, those aren’t the best conditions for rape victims to come forward.  I don't know what Japans rape per capita rate is, but #54 is suspect.  How high/low it is in any country is a gray area, rape isn’t like murder, mugging, extortion, its more complicated, and a society’s view of rape is one of the reasons why.

As far as RapeLay and other violent games/movies go, psychological studies mostly point to people with predispositions towards violence might feed off of it, people with none stay the same.

As for CNN covering RapeLay, CNN covers world news too, its an issue concerning another part of the world, so its news, really, really, really, late news.  CNN, like any other news station also craves ratings, this story also has the added benefit of making another country look worse then us.  As an American, I don’t think we have a right to judge another country and how it depicts violence considering we have our own issues.  As a woman, for the sake of my own country, and for the sake of women in Japan who have/are/will be raped and ignored, I'm glad they covered it.

Them not understanding the role hentai has in Japan is inconsequential, Japan censoring is inconsequential (I doubt they will, and they really shouldn't), its inciting discussion, here and there, and discussion is a good thing.  I don't even think RapeLay is a problem Japan has to worry about, the bigger problem is Japan's apathy.

>_> tl;dr again heh...
Little Sypmathy for Rape Victims in Japan - article
Victims Finally Learning to Speak Out Against Japan's outdated Rape Laws - article, ignore the U.S. Military talk, whole other can of worms
Japan's Double Jeopardy? - article
Pornogrophy, Rape, and Sex Crimes in Japan - journal, most interesting but tl;dr

#60593 Yunoki Scene

Posted by mandy on 22 February 2010 - 04:14 PM

hi Guys.
I want to ask .........
did you know the story from the pictures that I found here ...??

 Posted Image

#60145 Otome "games" - Bullshit

Posted by sheepishsheep on 05 February 2010 - 06:47 PM

You will excuse my barging in but I wish to point out something.You have, I fear, used examples irrelevant to your point. While I have yet to have had the pleasure of playing the first two games from which you drew examples on misunderstood male characters, I would like to tender my vehement protest against your use of Akuram and Yunoki.

I would like to say at this point that neither of the two are misunderstood. The plots of the stories have already set us up to know that there is more than meets the eye therefore eliminating the possibility of misunderstanding unless the player involved has not been reading closely enough.Yunoki, yes, has an admittedly mean streak when it comes to dealing with the heroine and only shows his better nature after the heroine has gotten to know him better. It's obvious. No one ever trusts another completely upon their first meeting. This is human nature.

After developing the relationship and all the intermittent processes, he still shows the heroine flashes of temper and treats the heroine's feelings, to put it more tastefully, a tad callously at times. But that does not amount to abusing her, marginalising her existence or seeing her as subhuman. By crap here, I am assuming that you mean horribly, depravedly, inhumanely. If that is the case, then you have picked the wrong example, because Yunoki's outwardly "mean", "evil", "scary" personality was created on the basis of a broad character type known as haraguro (腹黒), the adjective being haraguroi "腹黒い", coming to mean roughly in English "a scheming or mischievous person". In Yunoki's case, if the player has paid enough attention to remember the major events that took place in his route, none of them ever point to the fact he does not respect her as an equal. In fact, if the nuances in his speech from all the instalments of Corda are taken note of, none of it suggests that he is truly out to abuse her verbally or otherwise.

Akuram, of Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 1 and 2, on the other hand is not so much haraguro as just self-centred although I know of some who might beg to differ on that. It must be admitted that when he summoned Akane, he had his own selfish intentions of using her power to save his tribe. But he has never ill-treated her by inflicting permanent, lasting harm or physically.

Presumably, you dislike the character settings that Koei's writers use. While I cannot say I fully endorse all of them myself as they are highly formulaic at times, I am of the opinion that the so-called treatment you refer to is actually the scriptwriters' way of stoking player interest in a character or to surprise the player to dispel preconceived ideas. The mutually-agreed-upon bottom line between writer and reader is still toed without exception and I have yet to see a full-blown insult or chauvinist action/gesture from either character that would really make me (or any right-minded and self-respecting female) want to leap into the second dimension and commit virtual murder.

As I have said earlier way back, it is extremely unwise to prejudge anything without having seen it or in this instance, played it for yourself which is what Deji above has also said. I am all for female rights and raising awareness of the need for equal treatment of the genders. However, it is imprudent to be overtly sensitive as you have to remember that this is entertainment for the masses. It is true and perfectly alright that what the masses find acceptable to them is not so in your own particular case. But keep in mind at all times that an entertainment company will only bow to the whims of the masses and not to that of isolated cases. If you are not the majority, you will never win out - this is the tyranny of the majority. It is a universal law that one is not likely to escape these days and while I am not asking you to go with the flow, do try to consider other angles apart from your own. One has to learn to give and take to survive socially.

Lastly and perhaps slightly out of point, no one ever enjoys being raped and I have absolutely no tolerance for such a notion. A story is a story and real life is real life. Any person who believes everything that is written in a story can only be an extremely misled person, more so when otome games are designed to be extraordinary. And by extraordinary, I mean it in its original connotation and not the one attached to the everyday usage.

#32465 Phobias

Posted by chocochell on 05 August 2008 - 11:46 AM

Come one, come all, and confess what scares you! xDD  *thinks self is starting to sound like cheesy circus ringmaster*

Okay, let me start . . .

My number one fear at the moment would be flying cockroaches. Dormant cockroaches freak me out a little, but when they start taking flight I scream like a girl (Hey, I AM one!) and run several blocks away. Brrr.

Also I know how people say that butterflies are beautiful creatures, but I'm scared of them as well, especially the huge, gigantic ones. When I went on school trips to butterfly farms I end up covering myself like I was living in Alaska =.="

Let's just say I'm not fond of most insects (even ladybirds. Yes, yes, I know.)

Also I have a phobia of driving. Have driven exactly less than 10 times since I got my license. I don't know. Just getting behind the wheels makes my palms start sweating.

Other things I'm not fond of : clowns, horror movies, nails on blackboards, my computer crashing and wiping out all my anime and otome games stored inside (perish the thought), Yunoki-sama getting married to another girl . . . erm, wait.

So far that's all I can think of at the moment. So, what scares you? xDD

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